A History Lesson From Randy Newman: “The Great Nations of Europe”

Covering the last 400 years of Western civilization in two minutes and 48 seconds
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Reminder: Don Cheadle is awesome.https://t.co/rJ7OZh9uVA — Kragar (@Kragar_LGF) May 26, 2016 Imposing a waiting period IS deciding. It's saying, "My decision to make you wait overrides YOUR decision." Get it? https://t.co/JSqeC7Me5f — Don Cheadle (@DonCheadle) May 26, 2016 ...
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Leading White Supremacist Says Trump Is Bringing New Legitimacy to Racism

Donald Trump’s constituency speaks
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re: #110 HappyWarrior He seems to think building a socialist/populist movement based only on voters is the way to go. I think he knows he doesn't have the political connections to rely on them for any coalition. And in a ...

Next Up in the Donald Trump Attack Plan: Whitewater

But of course
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re: #232 HappyWarrior Because the fundie fucks see it as a win-win: Women who are forced to carry to term and deliver, as well as those women who are maimed or killed in back-alley abortions, are sinners before God who ...