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Trump: “I Will Give You Everything. I’m the Only One.”

Taking political promises to a deranged new level
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3 minutes ago
re: #101 jaunte Lots of people have mental disorders, they just don't go out and kill people.

Donald Trump says so many ridiculous, hateful and nonsensical things that it’s all turning into a blur of idiocy, but this week in his speech about his so-called “energy policy” (which is basically: abolish all environmental protections and turn the country over to the energy industries), he emitted a …

Part Two of Samantha Bee’s Awesome (And Frightening) History of the Religious Right

Featuring Frank Schaeffer
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17 minutes ago
re: #254 retired cynic Really. I was born in 1961. Cold war going on, then Vietnam going balls to the wall by the later 60's. Then you can just start singing Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire" from the ...