Acoustic Guitar Wizardry: Tommy Emmanuel, “Traveling Clothes”

A jaunty little tune, played with great aplomb
3 minutes ago
Matt Staver is trying some FUD by saying marriage licenses without scofflaw Kim Davis' signature on them are null and void. Meanwhile, in Oregon, another county official is being investigated for malfeasance of office for refusing to perform any ...

Tommy Emmanuel makes this look so easy, but man — that technique is ridiculously great. He’s probably one of the best acoustic guitar finger-pickers in the world.

Donald Trump Is Raging at Hugh Hewitt’s “Gotcha Questions”

Hewitt inadvertently outs Trump as an ignoramus
309Khal Wimpo
8 hours, 2 minutes ago
re: #179 Charles Johnson I wonder ... has CCJ been the recipient of what we used to call "The Come to Jesus" phone call from his attorney? The one where we sit the client down (figuratively or literally), and patiently ...
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Erick Erickson Responds to Kim Davis Contempt of Court Arrest: “What Day Does the Civil War Start?”

Time to start killing in the name of Jesus
439Bubblehead II
1 day, 7 hours ago
Lizards. Calling it a night. See you in the A.M. But being the cantankerous individual that I am and because it irks a certain Lizard. Here's some music. Don't click if you don't want to listen. And a WTF to ...
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GOP Candidates Push Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis’s “Religious Freedom” Scam

Republicans claim the “right” to force their beliefs on others
1 day, 5 hours ago
She has every right to her own religious opinion she has no right to impose it on others, that violates freedom of religion as well as separation of church and state
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New Poll: A Majority of Trump Supporters Think Obama Is a Muslim Born in Another Country

Birtherism isn’t dead, it just smells funny
2 days, 19 hours ago
re: #141 Backwoods_Sleuth let's see how this decision is viewed when the $$$ Millions in civil rights lawsuits are filed against the town and the clerk in question.

White House Close to Sealing the Iran Nuclear Deal, as Sen. Bob Casey Pledges Support

The fat lady’s warming up in the wings
158Eric The Fruit Bat
3 days, 9 hours ago
re: #80 Charles Johnson From a pure numbers standpoint, Iran's population is close to an order of magnitude greater than Israel. Any direct attack by Israel against Iran will be a numerical failure and would automatically cause a set-aside of ...