Watch Live: 2016 Democratic National Convention, Day One

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re: #137 HappyWarrior I expected him to have done this starting when victory for Sanders was impossible, which generously was around March 15th. This also would have been the time at which the vast majority of Democratic black voters had ...

Here’s the live video feed directly from the Democratic National Convention, as some Bernie Sanders die-hards throw a massive tantrum, even chanting “LOCK HER UP!” just like the Republicans did last week. UPDATE at 7/25/16 2:41:17 pm by Charles Johnson

White supremacists Richard B. Spencer (L) and Chuck C. Johnson at the GOP convention

White Supremacists Were Everywhere at the GOP Convention

Trump has brought the racist far right into the mainstream
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re: #392 Patricia Kayden I just keep annoying them enough to the point that they end up blocking me. For me, it's like heroin. It's hard to fucking resist for me.
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Live Video of a Dying Party: Republican Convention, Day 3, “America First”

A slogan with an ugly antisemitic history
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re: #492 William of Orange Or Cruz is expecting Trump to tank in the general election and thus can say that he never endorsed him as the true GOP nominee. Keeping his options open for 2020 when the GOP faithful ...