In Which Sean Hannity Goes Full-Out Racist Against President Obama

“I’ll pay for you to go to Kenya”
260The Ghost of a Flea
43 seconds ago
re: #248 Targetpractice That facial expression says that somebody at the office got business cards with a higher rag content and a cleaner sans-serif typeface.

Can we just dispense with rationalizations and tip-toeing around? When someone like Sean Hannity tells the first black President of the United States he’d like to see him go back to Africa, that, folks, is racism. Pure and simple. Sure, he tried to cover himself against this accusation by …

Samantha Bee Has the Best Commentary on Debate 3: The Good, the Bad, the Nasty

Our media are so punch drunk they no longer notice how awful he is
4 hours, 39 minutes ago
Charles, I was just able to see a private comment without being logged in. I was logged in on my laptop but not my phone. I clicked on the button while on my phone and the comment became visible. It ...