5 People Shot Near Black Lives Matter Protest in Minneapolis, Two Suspects Arrested

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re: #216 Dr. Matt I thought that was really cool.

More: 5 People Shot Near Black Lives Matter Protest in Minneapolis, Cops Searching for 3 White Male Suspects UPDATE at 11/24/15 11:48:24 am by Charles Johnson Latest word: two suspects have been arrested. Also see: Video Shows 4chan White Supremacists Bringing Gun to Minneapolis Protest Days Before Shooting

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Good Grief; Now Ben Carson Is Also Saying He “Saw the Film” of Muslims Cheering in New Jersey on 9/11

Untethered from reality
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I vaguely recall seeing footage of a dozen people or so in the Palestinian territories celebrating. Has footage of a handful of people in Gaza somehow transformed in Trump and Carson's minds into "thousands" in New Jersey?
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Donald Trump Leaves His Neo-Nazi Tweet Posted on Twitter, Says Nothing

Ignoring overt racism from the leading GOP candidate
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Still trying to figure out how you get your truck up onto the roof of a New Jersey apartment building to have a "tailgate' party. But hey, if " The Donald" says it happened it must be true, right? /// ...
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If You Think Waterboarding Isn’t Torture, Watch Christopher Hitchens Get Waterboarded

This is undeniably torture
1 day, 6 hours ago
Here is Chicago radio personality "Mancow" undergoing his own waterboarding experience. Keep in mind that Mancow was, up to this day, a "torture denialist." In less than 15 seconds, his opinion is permanently changed. Video
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Video: Trump Insists He Saw Arabs Cheering in New Jersey on 9/11, Says He’ll Bring Back Waterboarding

Breitbart commenters want waterboarding on pay per view
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re: #240 EmmaAnne Which is a part of my point. Has anyone done this? Not to my knowledge. What's the evidence of her story being fabricated then? That's irrelevant for the purposes of the discussion.
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Yes, Donald Trump Absolutely Did Say He’d Implement a Muslim Database. Stop Lying, Right Wingers.

They’re not fooling anyone
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re: #330 Alephnaught Milngavie is pronounced "Mul-guy", at least it was by the locals when I visited regularly a couple of decades ago. Interestingly enough I used to go scavenging with a friend in a loch near Milngavie as a ...

Jim Hoft, Stupidest Man on the Internet, Beclowns Himself Yet Again; Thinks C-SPAN Has Gone Birther

Hoft really should read his own links
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re: #35 Mattand I remember when Stu Nahan was the Flyers announcer in the '60s. The games were on a tiny TV station in Camden NJ, and Stu also did the afternoon kids' cartoon show--as "Captain Philadelphia"
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The Right Wing Hate Machine Goes … There

Pushing an agenda straight out of history
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There is no patriarical head of the GOP anymore to talk the base off their cliff. There is no Reagan or even Bush Jr., who despite their shared simplistic dumbness at least had some sort of conscience in regards to ...
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