That Christmas Content You’ve Been Waiting For, New From Cyriak: “Circle World” [VIDEO]

149Jay C
59 seconds ago
re: #124 Belafon So basically, after a month of WH/GOP “defense” of Trump (i.e., hysterical denialism, high-volume deflection, conspiracy-theory handwaving, etc.), they’ve succeeded in moving the needle on impeachment ONE percentage point. IN FAVOR of impeachment and removal. Swell job, ...

Acoustic Guitar in a Beautiful Garden: Trevor Gordon Hall & Sönke Meinen, “That Old Familiar Pain” [VIDEO]

127Dangerman (misuser of the sarc tag)
12 hours, 15 minutes ago
good AM. (oops) i mentioned this - no it wasnt my idea - i heard it first from lawrence tribe months ago now it may be gaining some traction because of the public delarations of mitch, lindsey etc Joy Reid ...

Great Band Flashback: Fountains of Wayne, “Maureen” (Live in Chicago) [VIDEO]

209Citizen K
1 day, 5 hours ago
re: #146 calochortus The problem is that now that he's the incumbent, he doesn't have to persuade people to necessarily vote for him. Just to not vote for Dems. And the electorate constantly and consistently seems hungry for any and ...