Watch Live: 2016 Democratic Convention, Day 2, Thread 2

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re: #561 HappyWarrior I blocked him, after he said Obama tore the Country apart, I have no time for idiot wingnuts.

As Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards begins speaking, here’s our second thread of the day for the Democratic Convention — and I have to note the amazing difference from the dark, negative, fearful GOP convention.

90% of ‘Consistent’ Sanders Supporters Favor Clinton Over Trump

As the BernieOrBusters turn on their idol
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re: #449 Belafon This is true, about the screaming... the Tea Party is one big tantrum, and these kids are the push-back. Except the texting generation with no manners is also the instant-viral-video, everyone's-a-reporter generation. They're impatient. Forgive them, for ...
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White supremacists Richard B. Spencer (L) and Chuck C. Johnson at the GOP convention

White Supremacists Were Everywhere at the GOP Convention

Trump has brought the racist far right into the mainstream
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re: #392 Patricia Kayden I just keep annoying them enough to the point that they end up blocking me. For me, it's like heroin. It's hard to fucking resist for me.
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