WATCH LIVE: Trump’s Press Secretary Makes Some Kind of Weird Statement

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re: #423 gocart mozart I hadn't noticed before, but the clocker has some bar fighting skills. Note he's not using his fist (a good way to end up in a cast), but swings hard into him with his elbow. Good ...

The word is that no questions will be allowed. UPDATE at 1/21/17 3:28:07 pm by Charles Johnson Sean Spicer was more than an hour and a half late; his statement begins at 1:33:20 into this video, and it’s really stunning. He just rages at the press, and lies blatantly …

The FBI and 5 Other Agencies Are Investigating Russia’s Efforts to Help Donald Trump Gain Power

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re: #142 jaunte Hope the Spaghetti Warehouse is ok. I loved that place when I lived in Houston and worked downtown. 2nd shift we would get a big takeout order from them for dinner sometimes. Good food.

Green Day’s Powerful New Video for “Troubled Times”

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So really--we're expected to endure four years of this incessant infantile whining? Personally, I don't have the stomach for listening to 1,460 days of this idiot narcissist's non-stop, semi-literate, self-absorbed melodrama. Not gonna subject myself to it. NOPE.

Taking Reggae to the Next Level: Mike Love - Live Session @ Le Sofa

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re: #339 Hecuba's daughter Show me the ones who pushed back against Trump's demonization & scapegoating of American Muslims—not to mention his obvious lies about thousands cheering on 9/11, his disrespect for the Muslim Gold Star family and his call ...