Shocker: Donald Trump Told Reckless Lies About Coronavirus Today, While the CDC Issued Dire Warnings

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1 minute ago
re: #15 The Pie Overlord! Yeah it's like those stock photos you see in labs. What NOT to do. Vanky's doing that.

Our horrifyingly bad president* is in India, mispronouncing names and boasting about himself, and today he gave a press conference and spewed a whole bunch of misinformation about the worsening coronavirus epidemic. Trump sycophant Larry Kudlow promptly got on TV to co-sign. This isn’t just irresponsible — it’s reckless endangerment. …

Seth Meyers on the Rise of Bernie and Ensuing Democratic Panic [VIDEO]

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re: #278 calochortus That's a good analogy, but I do have to admit to being frustrated by the fact that so many people who should know better keep collapsing the discussion from a coronavirus to *the* coronavirus. It paints an ...

High Energy Snarky Puppy: “What About Me?” [VIDEO]

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re: #281 sagehen My third grade class voted 27-2 for Nixon in our in class vote Nixon with his failings at least tried to periodically engage young people and talk football with Hunter Thompson. Btw fear and loathing on the ...

John Oliver Returns, and Immediately Tackles Medicare for All [VIDEO]

Possibly NSFW (language)
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re: #248 Backwoods_Sleuth What's wrong with a chip buttie? Well, apart from the fact that Burger King "french fries" are a poor excuse for chips and their buns are a poor excuse for bread. And they seem to have replaced ...