Luca Stricagnoli Breaks Out the Protective Gear and the Triple-Neck Acoustic Guitar: “Clint Eastwood” [VIDEO]

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Why is Trump still in office so he can screw up our response to this crisis?Why do people have to choose between their job and staying home if they are sick? Because that's how it's always been done.It's time ...

Ben Folds Five at Their Best: “Philosophy” (From Sessions at West 54th) [VIDEO]

556Eventual Carrion
1 hour, 30 minutes ago
re: #422 The Pie Overlord! Lets see, rent of $1200 a month is $40 a day right there before anything else. Just housing kinda blows the shit out of that budget right off for my daughter in Denver.

Saturday Killer Blues: Joe Bonamassa, “Just Got Paid” [VIDEO]

309A hollow Gandalfian voice says, VOTE, you fools!
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re: #274 Anymouse 🌹🏡 Now that's anomalous (the infection rate doesn't skew male as far as the death rate does, but it is more male than female other places). I wonder if it reflects who is choosing to get tested ...

Mary Chapin Carpenter Is Singing Songs From Home: Episode 3, “The Hard Way” (Live From My Kitchen)

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Geeky math time in the age of corona: The Fibonacci series is an exponential function. If you look at the the ratio of F(n)/F(n-1), this has an asymptote at approximately 1.618034 (which is the golden ratio). if you look at ...

Seth Meyers From His Garage: Trump Fights With Governors, Reporters Over Coronavirus Response [VIDEO]

428A Three Hour Tour
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re: #328 Eclectic Cyborg Reiterating a point Scotty made in the feature film STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK (1984). "How much refit time until we can take her out again?" " Eight weeks, sir. But since you don't ...

Live From Home: Margaret Glaspy & Julian Lage Play “Katonah”

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re: #87 Backwoods_Sleuth Seriously, what kind of brain damage does someone need to sustain to blindly believe what comes out of Trump's mouth? What previous crisis event compares to this, where Trump's word was proven to be guarantee of truth ...