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Death Threats to Abortion Providers Soar After Bogus Planned Parenthood Videos

And these are people already proven to be prone to violence
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It should come as no surprise that the deceptively edited “sting” videos attacking Planned Parenthood have provoked the more extreme elements of the religious right into murderous rage: Death Threats on Abortion Providers Spike in Wake of Planned Parenthood Videos.

Donald Trump Is Raging at Hugh Hewitt’s “Gotcha Questions”

Hewitt inadvertently outs Trump as an ignoramus
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re: #301 Blind Frog Belly White I loved those Brit sci-fi puppet shows in my childhood, but the only one that I can stand watching more than a couple of episodes now is Fireball XL5. It's the gold standard of ...
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Erick Erickson Responds to Kim Davis Contempt of Court Arrest: “What Day Does the Civil War Start?”

Time to start killing in the name of Jesus
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Lizards. Calling it a night. See you in the A.M. But being the cantankerous individual that I am and because it irks a certain Lizard. Here's some music. Don't click if you don't want to listen. And a WTF to ...
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GOP Candidates Push Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis’s “Religious Freedom” Scam

Republicans claim the “right” to force their beliefs on others
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She has every right to her own religious opinion she has no right to impose it on others, that violates freedom of religion as well as separation of church and state
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White House Close to Sealing the Iran Nuclear Deal, as Sen. Bob Casey Pledges Support

The fat lady’s warming up in the wings
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re: #80 Charles Johnson From a pure numbers standpoint, Iran's population is close to an order of magnitude greater than Israel. Any direct attack by Israel against Iran will be a numerical failure and would automatically cause a set-aside of ...
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