Video: Trump Audience Member on TSA: “Get Rid of All These Heeby Jobbies They Wear”

“We are looking at that”
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Well, today’s invitation-only Trump rally was quite a display of overt bigotry indeed. Here’s a woman asking Trump about the TSA and whether he’s in favor of getting rid of Muslim agents who wear “all these heeby jobbies” (hijabs). Trump answers, “You know, and we are looking at that, …

House Benghazi Commission Ends With a Piteous Whimper

And now… nothing
2 days, 3 hours ago
As innocent as Reagan "allowing" 240 US Marines to be blown up...then doing absolutely NOTHING about it. In other words, a total waste of taxpayer money, cynically spent on pure politics.
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Inadvertently Admits Texas Law Intended to Limit Abortion

They weren’t fooling anybody anyway
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re: #56 HappyWarrior It's because Ayn Rand can make for entertaining self-help masturbation for late-teen/early 20 something white men whose main personality trait is a grandiose sense of entitlement. However, in the real world, it makes for generally terrible public ...
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