Now for Something Gloriously Different: Anna Meredith, “Paramour” (Mercury Prize 2020: Album of the Year)

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Jeff Fortenberry frequently describes himself as pro-health care. Then why, Jeff, have you voted over 60 times to take health care away from tens of millions of Americans with no plan to replace it?Asking for a friend.... — Senator ...

In Which Donald Refuses to Say He’ll Step Down Peacefully if He Loses

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re: #128 Teddy's Person ✌ It's not just that there was lots of Jewish applicants; it's that Jews obsess about studying and learning the way evangelicals obsess about embryo worship. That's why we have so many doctors, lawyers and physicists. ...

Trevor Noah Interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci: Getting Politics Out of Public Health

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re: #239 🌹UOJB! The modern Republican philosophy has never really fully embraced Ayn Rand. Just like the Bible, they choose only the parts they agree with. They ignore the rest. Ayn Rand was a militant Atheist- yes, with the capital ...

New Seth: Trump and GOP Rush to Fill Ginsburg’s Seat Despite 2016 Hypocrisy

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re: #13 danarchyre: #13 danarchy They underfund it for a couple of decades, at which point the current obligations of the fund eat the remaining capital that is there. The other pension fund/ 401k game is to fully fund the ...

The Great Ralph Towner, Live in Korea: “Anthem~Nardis”

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re: #173 Hecuba's daughter I'm convinced that McCain promised McConnell a vote against the ACA and went back on that because McConnell pissed him off. So McConnell giving out permission slips to some of his senators to deviate from party ...

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died at 87

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re: #55 Eclectic Cyborg Roe, Obergefell, SSM, Trans rights, anything that the GOP and the religious right wants dismantled can and probably will be overturned by a Roberts Court. He will have nothing holding him back now.

Colbert on Trump’s Epic Lying Session at His Town Hall in Pennsylvania

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re: #183 Backwoods_Sleuth The other value Einstein got from his college education... is Mileva. From the school's founding until the 1950's, there was only ONE woman ever admitted. The dean wasn't thrilled about letting her enroll, but she had the ...