Colbert: Senators Drag Their Feet on Biden’s Rescue Plan and Show Their Hands Ahead of Impeachment Trial

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Trump not only incited the riot, evidence appears to show his administration took deliberate steps beforehand to worsen it. This was an outright attack on the United States.

Seth Meyers: Biden Gets to Work Undoing Trump’s Damage, Republicans Predictably Freak Out

328Jack Burton
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re: #254 Punish Domestic Terrorists A couple were wingnuts though. Garabaldi... Jerry Doyle, he was a nutbar and had his own talk radio show for awhile. I've heard (and correct me if I'm wrong please) Bruce Boxleitner is... perhaps "right ...

WATCH LIVE: “Celebrating America” - the Inauguration Concert

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re: #223 jaunte re: #224 jaunte Still does me no good, as Navient owns my loans since I emerged from bankruptcy three years ago. Fortunately, I've been in good financial shape to keep on my loans with an income-based repayment ...