John Oliver: Long-Term Care Needs Fixing, and Here’s Why

75O say, does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave..
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re: #74 Targetpractice Unless you're white. I had an officer stop me because my windows were, actually, tinted too dark in my old truck. (I didn't put the tint on; I bought the truck with it in another state, and ...

Colbert: MAGA Die-Hards Stand Behind Creepy Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz

3 days, 21 hours ago
re: #169 JC1 Uh, yeah, sounds useful. and important. Oddly enough, NTSB is not under their umbrella, it's a whole independent thing. Just in case the FAA or the highway dept or the railroad dept is partly at fault ...

And Now, 18 Minutes of Spectacular Drone Footage of the Erupting Icelandic Volcano

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re: #239 wrenchwench Which was pretty much the reason I seriously considered riding a bicycle to work. There's never been decent safe bicycle parking near my place of work, or generally where I have lived unless I put the bicycle ...