Photo of the Day: Donald Trump and the Great Wall of Garbage

Who’s gonna pay for that garbage wall?
275klys (maker of Silmarils)
4 seconds ago
I toured one of the Alcoa plants in NY during a summer internship. Fascinating place. They were definitely melting down and recycling cans there. I have one of the ingots they would cast every 15 minutes to check melt quality. ...

This image rich with many-layered symbolism is from Donald Trump’s rally today in Pennsylvania, where he’s speaking in front of, yes, a wall of garbage. P.S. Look how tiny that hand is.

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Scott Brown Wants Elizabeth Warren to Take a (Pointless) DNA Test

Sheer ignorance and bigotry are a toxic mix
4 hours, 37 minutes ago
The truly false premise is that it got her into Harvard. It didn't. She's actually pretty bright. And Scott Brown has the IQ of a meat thermometer.
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