Hillary Clinton’s Fascinating Interview on NPR Fresh Air: ‘Optimistic About Our Country, but I Am Not Naive’

2 minutes ago
re: #423 Sir John Barron That is exactly what I was thinking. I know for sure I'd like to send Trump to hell along with all of his helpers and supporters. That would Make America Great Again.

Terry Gross’s interview with Hillary Clinton is a fascinating listen, but also depressing because instead of this smart, funny, thoughtful woman we have the Trump-thing squatting in the White House like a malevolent toad, wreaking havoc on everything good about the United States. In an alternate universe in which …

Chuck C. Johnson and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher pose in front of the Ecuadoran embassy in London. (Source: Facebook)

Trump Can’t Help It: He’s Back to Claiming “Both Sides” Were Responsible for Violence in Charlottesville

The president of the US is not a well man
2 days, 22 hours ago
Both sides were responsible. If antifa hadn't shown up, there would have been little to no national coverage. When they decided to hold their "peaceful" counter-protest the rioting started & it became big news. (None of this explains or excuses ...

Hilarious Mass Right Wing Freakout on Reports That Trump Caved on His Ridiculous Wall

How to make the right lose their alleged minds
4 days, 16 hours ago
re: #227 electrotek Heh. Of course the video starts right before fists are thrown. I have no doubt those bikers were the ones being assholes on the road. I see it all the time here in Chicago on the highways. ...

Seth Meyers’ Hilarious Take on Trump’s Response to Hurricane Irma and Steve Bannon’s Interview

6 days, 16 hours ago
re: #270 Birth Control Works Unfortunately they paired her with Rex Ryan who was awful and I think dragged her down with him. Also they had a sideline reporter that they apparently pulled out of a highschool av club or ...