Trump’s “Herd Immunity” Czar Scott Atlas Resigns

52Patricia Kayden
3 seconds ago
re: #37 Belafon Erick wanted Trump to win again despite Trump’s incompetence, racism and lack of character. He can go take several seats.

Good riddance to a Fox News crackpot. Dr. Scott Atlas resigns from Trump administration. He may not be solely responsible for the current state of pandemic disaster, but he certainly wasn’t helping.

Amazing New Track From Dirty Loops: “Breakdown”

2 days, 1 hour ago
re: #168 Anymouse 🌹🏡😷 Fundies practice a little thing called Dominionism, and one of its most fucked expressions is its treatment of animals. Most ranchers are fundies. Had this guy not been out money for cattle, the long-suffering cattle themselves ...

Trump’s History of Condoning White Supremacy [VIDEO]

3 days, 1 hour ago
re: #157 stpaulbear There's a waiting line to get into Zabar's, but it takes about as long as the pre-pandemic waiting line for my number to get called at the prepared-foods counter. So, total time is about the same and ...

The Stephen Colbert Interview: President Barack Obama Shares His Frustrations About the White House’s Failed Pandemic Response

344Shiplord Kirel: Fan of USPS, Goodyear, and Oreo
5 days ago
re: #336 calochortus William and I were talking about what the lepertarians really expect, sooner or later starving refugees will come to them for food or other critical survival and the lepers will set their own price. Of course, in ...