Alabama Apocalypse: The Jones-Moore Open Thread

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Freepers are now saying that Trump made a rare error in appointing Sessions as AG. Sessions hasn't done what the wingnuts were hoping for, and they've apparently now lost his former Senate seat.

If you’re really going to drag me kicking and screaming into acknowledging reality, Roy Moore is probably going to beat Doug Jones for the US Senate tonight in Alabama. Because, hey. It’s Alabama. It’s not like there isn’t some history behind this. And as I write, Moore is leading 54-44 …

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Sassy Trump Is Back, and He’s Endorsing Child Molester Roy Moore

All Trump’s actual words
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re: #126 mmmirele Hey, I got an invitation to a Winter Reception for Kurt Summers! Not a clue who he is (I guess he's Chicago City Treasurer) or what he's running for, but I don't think I can make it ...

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And he believes the women who say they were assaulted by Trump
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re: #182 Stanley Sea Random weird Xmas gift from my MIL...she actually mailed the damn thing from Connecticut.