Video: The Most Disgusting Thing Donald Trump Has Said Yet

He keeps lowering the bar
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Anyone notice that when @realDonaldTrump talks about partnering with Russia he never mentions negotiation or their paying their fair share ? — Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 30, 2016

Get ready to be disgusted. On ABC’s This Week, Donald Trump was asked by George Stephanopoulos about Khizr Khan, the father of Army Captain Humayun S.M. Khan, who died serving the US in Iraq and was hailed as a hero for warning his fellow soldiers away from a suspicious …

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Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Link to Alex Jones Website - a Ludicrous Fake Story, of Course

Like father, like son
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re: #404 whitebeach *snicker* Mary Stewart already did that, only it was a volcano... (The Wind Off The Small Isles) There is nothing new under the sun, to every writer's dismay
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In Which Donald Trump Encourages Russia to Spy on the US

Then he told a female reporter to shut up
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re: #436 Ojoe Your hatred of Hillary is totally off the charts. And your post reads like something from a cranky senile nursing home patient. Does it mean nothing to you that congressional hearings and an FBI investigation led to ...
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