Indigenous Activists Assert Right to Unceded Land at Anti-Trump Protest [LIVE VIDEO]

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re: #18 Charles Johnson The Battle of Wounded Ego...

As we lead up to Trump’s monumentally reckless and dangerous July 4th fireworks event, here’s a live feed of indigenous activists who have blocked the road in a large demonstration. They’re chanting, “Honor the treaty!”

Louis Cole & Genevieve Artadi of KNOWER: “My Buick” w/ Germany’s WDR Big Band [VIDEO]

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re: #368 Hecuba's daughter He was a good guy. Didn’t get enough credit. Things are different if he beats Nixon though Nixon’s failings were ethics more so than policies.

In Which Donald Trump Approvingly Retweets a Video Showing a Racist Supporter Yelling “White Power!”

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re: #107 Patricia Kayden I hope there is a hell just so that Pence can find himself there when he dies. What an evil bastard. The story mentioned a few people who were there with him but they didn't mention ...