Trump’s Staff Finally Responds to Portland White Supremacist Murders

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Albert Gallatin, Swiss born. That didn't preclude Madison from trusting him to manage our treasury during the War of 1812. Madeline Albright being born in Czechoslovakia didn't prohbit her from joining the foreign service during the Cold War. I'm just ...

Today Donald Trump’s staff finally tweeted something for him, tepidly denouncing the murders in Portland Oregon by a white supremacist. We know this came from his staff and not from Trump himself, because: It came from his official @POTUS account, and was not echoed with his personal account, as he …

Trump Returns From Europe, Immediately Goes on Rage-Tweeting Binge

There’s something seriously wrong with the man in the White House
439Patricia Kayden
21 hours, 55 minutes ago
re: #209 Anymouse Thank you! Why the media is so fascinated with Trump voters and only Trump voters is beyond me. There was never any similar fascination with Obama supporters.