Jazz Supergroup: Redman Mehldau McBride Blade, “Father”

412Jay C
1 minute ago
Well, The New York Times (for today, anyway), has dropped the mealy-mouthing for their headlines, and are (for today, anyway) reporting it like it is: Authorities Use Tear Gas So President Can Pose for Photo And FPing a comment from ...

To be honest, the sound quality of this video isn’t the best, but the quality of the jam more than makes up for it.

Something Just Nice: James Taylor, American Standard: “As Easy as Rolling Off a Log”

98Anymouse 🌹🏡😷
5 days, 8 hours ago
re: #36 Charles Johnson Nebraska is accellerating. nebraska.maps.arcgis.com Total positive cases: 12,976 (%2B621, second-highest one day rise) Doubling rate: 21 days (accellerating) Deaths: 163 (%2B13, most in one day) Doubling rate: 21 days (accellerating)