Hilarious Satire: The Ballad of the Malheur Patriots

Storming a building surrounded by ducks
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re: #3 HappyWarrior The female singer should consider Celtic music. She has a good voice for it.
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In honor of the sovereign citizens who ended their standoff today, Portland comedians Laura Sams and Garrett Palm bring you the touching, sad, and yet also hilarious “Ballad of the Malheur Patriots.”

John Lewis: ‘I Never Saw’ Sanders at Civil Rights Events

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re: #363 HappyWarrior Some of these examples show how plutocracy has a further reach than expected. For example, well to do women do not have their freedom threatened by Republican policies on choice nearly as badly as poor women. They ...

Crazy Live Audio: FBI Moves in on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Standoff

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re: #276 Targetpractice I want to make a joke about sigint, but then I realized that it's not even a fail of that level of sophistication. These are incontinent people. They're angry and self-righteous stupid and have zero discipline. Like, ...

Judge’s Ruling Shows the Sleazy Extent of the Center for Medical Progress Conspiracy

A slimy, dishonest smear campaign revealed
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re: #152 wrenchwench I can't be certain, but they look as if they might be riding with dressage saddles. I'll have to ask. But the horses don't wear shoes, they wear boots! And thank you for the welcome.
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Infamous troll Chuck C. Johnson poses with Center for Medical Progress head David Daleiden, October 25, 2015

Anti-Choice Activist David Daleiden Claims His New Video Release Did Not Violate Injunction

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re: #69 calochortus were you lucky enough to get empanelled, only to have them settle out of court? If so, you are guaranteed 3 years of peace afterwards.
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Chuck C. Johnson (L) and his wife pose for a photo with Ted Cruz

Cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson Announces “Fake Rape” Website With Disgraced CTO Pax Dickinson

“What is extortion? And should it be illegal?” - Chuck C. Johnson
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re: #395 Eventual Carrion Had a friend once who got pulled over by the police on some nonsense charge. When he appeared before the judge just after the lunch break, it turned out they both were in the same graduating ...
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