The Bob Cesca Podcast: Fashionable Magnified Tape

356Nojay UK
2 days, 8 hours ago
re: #353 BeenHereAwhile That's not how it works but it's a common misunderstanding, same with Schengen Zone agreement for border-free travel. There's an expectation that EU countries will join the Exchange Rate Mechanism and eventually adopt the Euro as their ...

Seth Meyers: Scalise Embraces Trump’s Big Lie; Lindell’s 850-Year-Old Voter Claim

199The Ghost of a Flea
3 days, 7 hours ago
re: #186 Hecuba's daughter Some Muslims read the modern trans-identity as equivalent to the pre-existing culture-bounded identifier present in Arabia that are mentioned in the hadith. Others use the same term to also encompass gay men and gender-nonconforming people, but ...

Tigran Hamasyan: “Shadow Theater” (Live Concert at Cité De La Musique, Paris, 5 September, 2013)

94A Mom Anon
4 days, 14 hours ago
re: #92 ipsos Thanks! That area is on my list. My main concern is figuring out if any bank will even finance a mortgage for us right now. We have really good credit scores(low 800s for me, high 700s for ...