Another Bombshell From the Post: Kushner Discussed Setting Up Secret Communications Between Trump and the Kremlin

Another Friday news blast
528William Lewis
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re: #513 Shiplord Kirel I have a concealed carry permit because of the posse commitatus & neonazi infestation we've had here since the 1970s. A S&W Model 13 is a nice old police revolver in 357 Magnum and it makes ...

And Now, a Joyful Video by Sergio Altamura Featuring the Masaka Kids: “Africa”

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re: #75 Anymouse re: #78 Anymouse re: #83 Decatur Deb To the best of my knowledge, the service that suffered the highest casualty rate during WWII was the merchant marine. It's a national disgrace that we no longer have more ...