Donald Trump Tries to Excuse His Disgraceful Behavior by Posting a Video Clip of Hillary — From Russian State TV

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Trump said once again that the American media is the real enemy. He's right. They keep exposing his lies, mistakes, conflicts of interest, and subservience to Putin. They are his enemy. They're the ally of everyone who doesn't want ...

Still obsessing over Hillary Clinton, our so-called president tried to divert attention from his treasonous behavior in Helsinki by posting a video clip of Hillary talking about the desirability of good relations with Russia. The video clip was recorded two years before Vladimir Putin became the leader of Russia. …

Increasingly Disconnected From Reality, Trump Says Putin Meeting Was ‘Even Better’ Than NATO

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re: #68 sagehen Possibly, but remember that wolves are not looking down from above. They're looking up from below, so a dark moose blends in with the dark tree trunks. Smaller prey like bunnies, wolves look down on from above, ...

Video: Here’s the 10-Minute Preview of Sascha Baron Cohen’s Outrageously Funny “Who Is America? (2018)”

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re: #847 PhillyPretzel Press penning was something I noticed first at the national DNC events, and I did not like it one bit. At least the press was not being declared enemies of the people by Hillary. For the record, ...

Remember When Donald Trump Asked Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton? They Did What He Asked.

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re: #342 Cheechako We're still working our way in your direction (we're in Edmonton tonight). In the meantime, my house in Nebraska was damaged in a storm; the electric meter and circuit breaker panel were pulled out of the wall ...