Acoustic Guitar in a Beautiful Garden: Trevor Gordon Hall & Sönke Meinen, “That Old Familiar Pain” [VIDEO]

86Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus
11 seconds ago
Strange are my dreams at time... this morning I dreamt I was JFK, in a room, with a blond woman... newspaper slides under door, then an envelope. The the door opens and a balding man is standing there, which I ...

Great Band Flashback: Fountains of Wayne, “Maureen” (Live in Chicago) [VIDEO]

209Citizen K
3 hours, 1 minute ago
re: #146 calochortus The problem is that now that he's the incumbent, he doesn't have to persuade people to necessarily vote for him. Just to not vote for Dems. And the electorate constantly and consistently seems hungry for any and ...