Awesome New Snarky Puppy-Ish Music: Bokanté, “Jou Ké Ouvè”

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93Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
10 seconds ago
re: #92 The Vicious Babushka Another lesson for people who voted for Brexit out of protest without understanding what it meant: now it is incumbent on Parliament to vote to leave the EU. Theoretically, Parliament could vote to stay in. ...

White Supremacist Chuck C. Johnson’s “Wesearchr” Scam Site Suspended From Twitter

Yet another suspension for the Rage Furby
318Hecuba's daughter
4 hours, 54 minutes ago
re: #292 DuckDharma Viewing the 11 second video clip, does the scene really appear that troubling? Note that both Ivanka and Melania smile when Trump turns toward them and then both appear to adopt a somber expression when he turns ...

CBS News Now Confirms Trump Brought a Cheering Section to His CIA Speech - and the CIA Isn’t Happy About It

Authoritarian despot-style
10 hours, 52 minutes ago
re: #12 Sir John Barron Of course not, Trump has ensured that all the media talks about are crowd numbers, Trump's tie and all and any other topic not related to policy. Ryan carries on his agenda laughing all the ...