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Donald Trump Refuses to Stop Using Rolling Stones Songs

“I always buy the rights.”
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"I bought the rights!," the rich asshole equivalent of the guys who scream "I bought a ticket, now shut up and sing/play!"
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The Rolling Stones have asked Donald Trump to stop using their music at his campaign events, because like other musicians such as Neil Young, Adele and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, they don’t want to be associated with this raving xenophobic bigot. But Trump says he’s not going to stop, because …

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So Long, Ted Cruz. It’s Been Real.

Stick a fork in him, he’s done
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re: #469 gwangung "Anybody who had a black friend or had two brain cells to rub together knew that having Cornel West as a spokesman would kill your outreach to the black community." EXACTLY. When a politician chooses campaign surrogates, ...
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They’re All Whacked: Ted Cruz Staffer Calls Trump “Hillary Clinton With a Penis”

Republicans say the weirdest things
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re: #106 Backwoods_Sleuth One of my co-workers was on the plane with 50 Cent after he was in Cincinnati promoting the vodka earlier this week. Small world. Hi all, taking a tiny break from working on the mother of all ...
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