Planned Parenthood Issues Statement Condemning Hateful Political Rhetoric Around Recent Tragedy

“Words matter, and hateful rhetoric fuels violence”
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re: #467 CuriousLurker It's an interesting read. Honestly the history of Evangelical Christianity is fascinating in this country. Until Billy Graham, I'd say America's most famous one was William Jennings Bryan who was a left wing populist.

Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens has issued a statement about the shootings at their Colorado Springs clinic, accusing Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz by name of contributing to the hateful rhetoric and “toxic environment” that reportedly led to this domestic terrorist attack: Planned Parenthood Condemns …

Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Told Police, “No More Baby Parts”

Direct link to the Center for Medical Progress videos
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re: #137 jaunte Also, too, after Charleston shootings: Media: We will never know what motivated Dylan Roof. Dylan Roof: I hated black people and wanted to kill them.
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Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Gave Neighbor Anti-Obama Pamphlets, Said Obama Should Be Impeached

“We were there for a minute and the guy was already handing us anti-Obama pamphlets”
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re: #249 electrotek Because he's white and most importantly not Muslim. So it is "mental health" and "alienated" rather than religious conservative lunatic terrorist.
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Heavily Armed Right Wing Militia Group Publishes List of Muslims’ Home Addresses

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re: #124 jaunte The beginning of Battle Cry of Freedom talks about how inland development was basically non-existent after the country was founded until roads were built by private companies, states, and the federal government. Until they were built (and ...
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CNN Interviews Trump Supporters - They Don’t Care That He’s Lying

“Don’t try and screw this up - you’re not gonna convince me otherwise”
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re: #508 Maggiemay11 I can find every Bugs Bunny cartoon, even the banned ones, somewhere on the net. I can find Havoc In Heaven, an animated film made in China before the Cultural Revolution. I can find the full single ...
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Good Grief; Now Ben Carson Is Also Saying He “Saw the Film” of Muslims Cheering in New Jersey on 9/11

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I vaguely recall seeing footage of a dozen people or so in the Palestinian territories celebrating. Has footage of a handful of people in Gaza somehow transformed in Trump and Carson's minds into "thousands" in New Jersey?
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