Keith Jarrett, Berlin 2009: An Incredible Solo Version of “My Song” [AUDIO]

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re: #34 Amory Blaine I remember how Jerry Falwell forced P&G to hire him as a "special consultant" to the tune of $500K a year to counter rumors he and his fellow pulpit pimps started.

I’ve always considered “My Song” one of Keith Jarrett’s most beautiful compositions. It doesn’t even really fit into the jazz genre; it’s more like a folk song. The evocative, affecting melody is simple but still surprising. And this 2009 solo performance of the piece in Berlin takes it to …

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Took a little glimpse at my R local FB group. Apparently Biden took down Dr. Seuss. The Blaze told them that. I'll bring some other insanity from there soon, but just looking at it for a couple of minutes tonight ...