A Gorgeous Performance by Acoustic Guitar Maestro Tommy Emmanuel: “Eva Waits”

40Amory Blaine
2 minutes ago
One thing I've been disappointed with lately is the investigation into David Clarke. Here we have a madman running his department like a complete asshole, yet for all these years, local news i.e. The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel didn't have the sauce ...

And Now, a Joyful Video by Sergio Altamura Featuring the Masaka Kids: “Africa”

2 days, 6 hours ago
re: #75 Anymouse re: #78 Anymouse re: #83 Decatur Deb To the best of my knowledge, the service that suffered the highest casualty rate during WWII was the merchant marine. It's a national disgrace that we no longer have more ...

Video: Sassy Trump Complains That No Politician in History Has Ever Been Treated Worse Than Him

All Trump’s actual words, delivery somewhat modified
6 days, 2 hours ago
The Secular Coalition of America sent me an E-mail noting that groups of ex-Muslims on Facebook, along with atheists, are being shut down by Facebook due to Christians and Muslims abusing the Facebook reporting system. From that E-mail (it's rather ...