Classic Snarky Puppy, Remixed and Remastered: “Skate U”

230Quoth the raven, Covfefe.
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re: #210 stpaulbear That's exactly it. The scale of it also blows my mind. Hundreds of millions in personally guaranteed loans. Reported losses of a billion dollars a year.

From back in the day when they were all letting their hair grow.

In Which Donald Refuses to Say He’ll Step Down Peacefully if He Loses

181FFL (GOP Delenda Est)
3 days, 11 hours ago
re: #49 Quoth the raven, Covfefe. And cavalry had its place during the war as well. Better mobility than infantry. A number of advantages over motorized vehicles, especially in tight terrain. And fuels with grain or grass instead of requiring ...

Trevor Noah Interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci: Getting Politics Out of Public Health

300Florida Panhandler
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re: #239 🌹UOJB! The modern Republican philosophy has never really fully embraced Ayn Rand. Just like the Bible, they choose only the parts they agree with. They ignore the rest. Ayn Rand was a militant Atheist- yes, with the capital ...

New Seth: Trump and GOP Rush to Fill Ginsburg’s Seat Despite 2016 Hypocrisy

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re: #13 danarchyre: #13 danarchy They underfund it for a couple of decades, at which point the current obligations of the fund eat the remaining capital that is there. The other pension fund/ 401k game is to fully fund the ...