New From Olbermann: The Amazing New Trump Defense: “It’s Not Illegal!”

“Collusion? So what if he colluded with Russia, there’s no law against it”
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re: #133 goddamnedfrank Re the national Dems, why not propose a single-payer plan that's costed out, even if it's paid for by something the GOPer congress would never go for? (i.e. marginal tax hike on top earners) US voters respond ...

Seth Meyers: Republicans Don’t Know What’s in Their Own Health Care Bill

One of the most shameless breathtakingly cynical exercises in political history
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re: #257 alloutofcrazyhere I dumped the cable box when Al Jazerrra America was shut down. I replaced it with an Apple TV and I will listen to BSRNC on SiriusXM. Apple TV includes Sky which I'm hoping Screwpert Murdoch won't ...