The Racism Connection: Trump Once Suggested Trading Puerto Rico for Greenland

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re: #46 HappyWarrior Trump is an asshole magnet.

President Racist Grandpa once infamously mused aloud about how much better America would be if we had fewer immigrants from “shithole countries” full of brown people, and more from countries like Norway where the blood and soil are pure and snowy white. And if you were wondering how his deranged …

Trump: “Any Jewish People That Vote for a Democrat” Are Either Stupid or Disloyal

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re: #57 b.d. Ah, the equivalent of the Madagascar solution to the Jewish Problem. Well, now that's unavailable we can guess what the next step in solving the Palestinian Problem will be.

From Bon Iver’s Outstanding New Album: “Hey, Ma” [VIDEO]

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re: #191 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light)) We also got excellent education at well-funded public schools, those of us who lived in red-lined whites-only jurisdictions. Small class sizes, well-stocked library and science labs, new textbooks every 3 or ...

Trump Tells Israel to Deny Entry to His Hate Targets, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

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re: #500 plansbandc Ben Shapiro is like the antithesis of what libertarians claim they believe. Sigh. My sympathies. My good friend was a Shapiro fan for awhile. Still might be since he thankfully acknowledged he’s not going to make me ...

Seth Meyers: Trump Combines Cruel Immigration Policies With Broken Promises

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re: #239 MsJ In 1946/47/48/49 there were a lot of used-to-be-enthusiastic-Nazis looking around at the rubble, having been forced to look at the just-liberated camps, listening to the Nuremberg trials on the radio, saying "OMG WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!?!" Somebody ...

So Good: David Crosby & the Lighthouse Band: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert [VIDEO]

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Tropical Storm Krosa is about to strike the southern end of the main island of Japan. It has 55kt winds with gusts to 70kts. After it crosses the island it is expected to turn between the Japanese and Chinese coasts, ...