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Evil Clowns Fight in New Hampshire, Thread 3

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re: #180 Eric The Fruit Bat In 24 hours, Seoul gets bombarded to dust. Or it doesn't and the North collapses like a house of cards. Either way, it's a shitty idea.

Our second thread for the GOP debate is filling up fast, so here’s another one. Some of my reactions to this appalling clown show: UPDATE at 2/6/16 9:09:44 pm by Charles Johnson I watched the video again, and Donald Trump’s exact quote on torture was:

Anti-Choice Video Maker David Daleiden Turns Himself in to Face Felony Charge

He plans to turn down a probation deal and wants an apology instead
442unproven innocence
2 days, 8 hours ago
re: #428 b_sharp No pics, but apologies in advance anyway. A few months back, discovered a tick that had settled in under the nail of my middle toe. Eviction was eventually successful, but not fun.
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