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Rand Paul Met Privately With Far Right Racist Rancher Cliven Bundy for 45 Minutes
A chip off the old block
50 seconds ago
re: #26 danarchy A long time ago, I had a nasty allergic reaction (instant red-eye) to some contact lenses I was being fitted for. Best guess was that thimerosol as used in that particular chemical cleaning system was the culprit. ...
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We noted earlier that GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul met with far right racist anti-government rancher Cliven Bundy yesterday in Nevada, but tonight it’s coming out that Paul and Bundy actually had a private sit-down meeting for approximately 45 minutes. The Nevada rancher said that he had expected only …

Council of Conservative Citizens Website Back Online, but Spokesman Kyle Rogers Is Still Off Twitter
Unfortunately, the website’s disappearance was just temporary
1 week, 1 day ago
re: #301 Lidane Again wingnuts Popes have been speaking out about this shit for years. You're as guilty as the "Cafeteria Catholics" you derided for being pro-choice, pro-gay rights. He never said people shouldn't be able to defend themselves but ...
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