Watch Live: The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump, Day 9 - Senators Have Questions

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Harris asks: “Trump said ‘When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.’ Then he said Article II ‘let’s him do whatever he wants.’ If the senate fails to hold him accountable, how would that ...

Seth Meyers on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Creepy Feud With NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly

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re: #293 Dangerman (slowly converting a pool into a pond) I had to look: Adam Lane Smith Father. Husband. Catholic. #1 Amazon Bestseller. Self-help, pulp, and heavy metal Christian fiction.

The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump (Day 8): All the President’s Liars

515gocart mozart
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Me and the misses communicate to our 3 year old only in Facebook memes and he's recently been elected GOP chairman of our local town committee here in Elbow Fat, Alabama. — Edwin Mix (@TheEdMix) January 29, 2020 ...

The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump, Featuring His Lying Sycophantic Lawyers

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4 days ago
re: #108 Jebediah, RBG It's a reminder of just how much contempt they have for that there "Identity Politics", which is almost always focused on allowing those whose identities have minimized their voice to, you know, actually have a voice. ...

Exquisite Classical Guitar Performance: Zsófia Boros - Nocturne (Mathias Duplessy)

302A hollow voice says, Guilty, guilty, guilty!
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re: #289 makeitstop It's more complicated than that. I didn't spend all my time watching Faux, obviously, but I flipped over periodically, and sometimes they were running the Senate feed full screen, and sometimes not. I was unable to say ...

Watch Live: The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump - Democrats Conclude Opening Arguments

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re: #162 Dread Pirate Meanwhile, we have proof that the Saudis were doing all the things that Trumpworld was claiming the Iranians were doing, about to do, etc. The Saudis are going after Americans who question MBS. Trump's enabling him. ...