Video: Samantha Bee Enumerates the Many Bad Things

110Dr Lizardo
6 seconds ago
re: #106 wheat-dogg From the WaPo article, it sounds like a method retaliation is already in place. The CIA has likely already inserted something like a Stuxnet-like virus into Russia's e-infrastructure. It just needs POTUS authorization to pull the trigger. ...

The Day Before House Intelligence Demanded an Answer From Trump, He Admits He Didn’t Record James Comey

Trump waits until the last minute to admit he tried to intimidate James Comey
409Anymouse 🌹
12 hours, 10 minutes ago
Google's doodle in the USA today allows you to make visual music compositions.

Seth Meyers: Republicans Don’t Know What’s in Their Own Health Care Bill

One of the most shameless breathtakingly cynical exercises in political history
375Joe Bacon 🌹
19 hours, 40 minutes ago
re: #257 alloutofcrazyhere I dumped the cable box when Al Jazerrra America was shut down. I replaced it with an Apple TV and I will listen to BSRNC on SiriusXM. Apple TV includes Sky which I'm hoping Screwpert Murdoch won't ...

Donald Trump Silent on Terror Attack Against London Muslims

His silence speaks volumes
3 days, 15 hours ago
re: #133 Ace-o-aces ReplyReply w/ Quote 1) jonathantilove‏ @JTiloveTX really needs to learn how to thread a tweet. It's 2017 and you're a freakin' journolist. Come on man, get with the program. 2) Alex, it's four and a half years ...