Some More News: Why Republicans and Corporations and the Media Are Failing Us on Climate Change

And hoo boy are they ever failing us
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re: #73 Anymouse 🌹 And the sad part is, even though the numbers on her tweet make it look like she's getting ratio'd, it's all actually people who love what she said and are piling on further.

John Oliver Takes Another Exceptional Deep Dive Into America’s Twisted Relationship With Saudi Arabia [VIDEO]

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re: #129 Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis Strip malls are doing pretty well. No real anchor store, less cost. Target is now doing community-sized stores. Another competitor that's not often mentioned are grocery stores that now include things normally ...

Piano Wonder Kid Joey Alexander: “Moment’s Notice” (Feat. Dancer Jared Grimes)

76gocart mozart
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There's a scene in that film where Batman plays a recording of Penguin's admission he is scamming Gotham and it effectively ends his mayoral campaign.We've had dozens of those with Trump and his supporters stick with him. — Matt ...

They Might Be Giants (Or Commies): “The Communists Have the Music”

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re: #413 jaunte Creepiest painting in the world? Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus Christ (1913) by Adolf Hitler This is one of the very few Hitler paintings in which human figures are the primary subject.

Crazy Video: Jordan Klepper Asks Mississippi Trump Supporters About Brett Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Allegations

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re: #21 unproven innocence have you seriously never seen Hustler's Caligula? Yes, of course it was Caligula!! It was I think right after the scene where the senator's wives all get raffled off for an evening to help settle the ...