Your Amazingly Bigoted Trump Rally Moment of the Day

The fish rots from the head
2 minutes ago
re: #275 Big Beautiful Door The strangest thing thing for me to understand is that those who had health insurance under Obamacare voted for Bevin even though he told them he planned to end KynectCare under Obamacare while he was ...

It continues to amaze me — not in a good way — how overt the racism and bigotry has become in the Donald Trump campaign. In the latest example, here’s radio talk show screecher Howie Carr doing a juvenile “Indian war whoop” to mock Elizabeth Warren. These people really …

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Inadvertently Admits Texas Law Intended to Limit Abortion

They weren’t fooling anybody anyway
22 hours, 56 minutes ago
re: #56 HappyWarrior It's because Ayn Rand can make for entertaining self-help masturbation for late-teen/early 20 something white men whose main personality trait is a grandiose sense of entitlement. However, in the real world, it makes for generally terrible public ...
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