Jonatha Brooke & Curtis Stigers - a Moving Reharmonized “This Land Is Your Land”

90Dr Lizardo
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re: #86 No Malarkey! No shit. "SIGINT has determined a two-fold emerging issue currently unfolding in South Sudan. The first issue is, what looks to be on the surface, a potential episode of ethnic cleansing of the Nuer people from ...

WATCH LIVE: “Celebrating America” - the Inauguration Concert

1 day, 9 hours ago
re: #223 jaunte re: #224 jaunte Still does me no good, as Navient owns my loans since I emerged from bankruptcy three years ago. Fortunately, I've been in good financial shape to keep on my loans with an income-based repayment ...

Seth Meyers: Trump Is Leaving Behind a Legacy of Insurrection, Corruption and Chaos

2 days, 19 hours ago
re: #401 lawhawk It's the FBI playing with its food. They had everyone in a building. The perps were let go. Then, after the great release into the wild, they had to look all proactive by asking the public's help ...