Gen. Flynn’s Son Tweets to Conspiracy-Monger Alex Jones, Spreads “PizzaGate” Conspiracy Theory

This country is in big trouble
37Big Beautiful Door
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re: #12 Charles Johnson Reagan had been a Governor of a large state and been not crazy. With Trump, we have little idea what we are getting, and what we do know is bad.

As if we needed anything else to be frightened about in the incoming Trump administration, the son of Trump’s top national security adviser is helping spread the baseless far right conspiracy theory known as “PizzaGate” — the conspiracy theory that inspired a gunman yesterday to invade the Comet Ping …

Right Wing Terrorist Who Wanted to “Self-Investigate Pizzagate” Arrested in Washington DC

Fake news with real consequences
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re: #271 jaunte And that is how we know I'm Deplorable Unum is lying. Bill has shit taste in music and only owns Kenny G albums. He would never listen to Elton John.

Thursday Night Acoustic Excellence: Russian Guitarist Alexandr Misko: “Billie Jean”

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re: #24 William Lewis Opertration Steinboch and the He 177 are shown tangentially in one scene that is a bit of foreshadowing. The Blitz is depicted as progressing into 1942 and 1943, which left me a bit flummoxed. The Lysander ...