Some More News on That Time Everyone Tried to Defend Injecting Bleach [VIDEO]

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The new Axis of Evil.Trump spews lies, hate and conspiracies. Fox dutifully repeats them. Facebook microtargets them to millions of voters—and gets paid to do it.Goebbels would be jealous. — Sacha Baron Cohen (@SachaBaronCohen) May 28, 2020 ...

Something Just Nice: James Taylor, American Standard: “As Easy as Rolling Off a Log”

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re: #36 Charles Johnson Nebraska is accellerating. Total positive cases: 12,976 (%2B621, second-highest one day rise) Doubling rate: 21 days (accellerating) Deaths: 163 (%2B13, most in one day) Doubling rate: 21 days (accellerating)

Ghost-Note - Full Set (Live Acoustic) | Sugarshack Sessions

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re: #8 Welcome to The Imbleachment (dangerman) Let's not let them get away with this argle-bargle, shall we? Thr reason the repugs want mail-in ballots no to happen is they provide a paper trail. That makes it much harder, if ...