In Which a Trump Supporter Stands Right Behind Him at His Florida Rally, Throwing the White Power Sign

143A hollow voice says, Beware the strongman con
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re: #101 sagehen When I was little, I saw a movie called Attack of the Crab Monsters, and another called House on Haunted Hill -- both of them scared me silly. (I have looked them up since -- unless you're ...

Earlier this year we reported on a rally at The Villages, a large Florida retirement community known for its strong support of Donald Trump. Trump had approvingly retweeted a video of the rally in which a supporter driving a golf cart could clearly be heard yelling “White Power” at protesters. …

Colbert: Trump Desperately Attacks Dr. Fauci, Horribly Dances for Votes

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re: #157 Backwoods_Sleuth Good point. A lot depends on the oven or stove and of course, how well you want it done. For me, I've found 350 degrees at 15-20 minutes seems to work well for a lot of stuff-vegetables, ...

Always Brilliant: John Oliver Discusses the Crucial Role of the World Health Organization

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re: #233 A Mom Anon Right next door, Jaime's ads are hopeful and happy and informative and sincere. Lindsey's are just dark and stupid--SOCIALISM!! LIBERAL!! ABORTION!! TERRORISTS!! (and why he run a bazillion ads on Raw Story, I do not ...

Taimane Plays Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major on Ukulele, in a Picture Perfect Hawaiian Setting

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re: #524 🌹UOJB! for fucks sake, he committed TREASON, we're just gonna let treason pass? Somehow for the sake of Civility? and while we're talking about TREASON, why is it that NO ONE in the press, knowing that the Russians ...