Yet Another Astounding Solo Guitar Performance by Jon Gomm: “The Secret of Learning to Fly Is Forgetting to Hit the Ground”

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re: #207 FormerDirtDart "So, given the relatively early visit by Trumps & crew, the administration staff had the absurd chow brought in so Trump could look gracious." I donate to my local area food bank quite often because I care ...

Washington Post Columnist: Al Franken Shouldn’t Resign, and Here’s Why

Pragmatism is needed more than ever in the era of the Trump-thing
398Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
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re: #397 wheat-dogg That's great. Half of my co-workers are Chinese. I'll have to use that at the first appropriate moment. btw, what do you think would be a good cheap Christmas gift for a co-worker who observes the Chinese ...