Antoine Dufour Plays One of the Greatest Sounding Acoustic Guitars We’ve Ever Heard: “Catching the Light”

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re: #252 FormerDirtDart 🍕🐀 The shooter's dad, if possible, needs to be charged with circumventing IL's authority and actions to pull the shooter's licenses to own those weapons after the WH incident last year and giving those guns back to ...

Stephen Colbert Asks the Question on Everyone’s Mind: How Loyal Is Michael Cohen?

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re: #283 The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge "Polite society" regarded jazz as "black people's" music (they would have used a different term, probably), and therefore scandalous. Nothing a proper lady or gentleman would listen to, and of course they ...

New Video: Sassy Trump Struggles to Pay Attention to Multi-Part Question From Reporter

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re: #61 Dr Lizardo Deeeeep cut. Love it. I think I have the original ICTylor TV series dubbed on VHS somewhere around here. It got boring once things turned serious, but the VR headset hijinks (which honestly was a throwaway ...

Trump Contradicts His Own Words About Why He Fired James Comey

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re: #33 dangerman Well, it's got to be a very senior person communicating with the Russians, right? Or maybe someone DMs a particular buddy? Or lurks around at a street corner at midnight waiting for dude called Sergei with a ...

An Exceptional Live Performance by Joe Bonamassa: “Mountain Time” (Live at the Beacon Theatre)

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re: #425 ckkatz Other way around. Sam Adams had some of their beer brewed their in Pittsburgh due to available brewing and bottling capacity. You used to be able to check the labels on the bottles and see that it ...