Breaking: Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Raided by the FBI

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They insist on using the term "baby" as a form of emotional blackmail, the same reason they insist on referring to abortion as "murder." It's why they like to haul around pictures of aborted "babies" when they hold their protests, ...

This means a judge ruled that there was probable cause to search for evidence of a federal crime.

Glorious New Music From Louis Cole: “Let It Happen”

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re: #296 Belafon "... As for the claim that Trump's order would have lowered insulin prices, that's true, but only for low-income patients of Federally Qualified Health Centers. FQHCs are community clinics that receive government funding to help vulnerable populations. ...

The Bob Cesca Podcast: Your Perry Mason Moment

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re: #166 austin_blue Oh, and we are in a significant drought. We have little brush fires popping up all around Austin. Every day, more show up. It's expensive to put out brush fires. All of the costs to fight them ...

Seth Meyers: Kansas Voters Back Abortion Rights; Trump Endorses “Eric” in Missouri

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re: #175 jaunte It also happened during the Trump maladministration, which actively tried to sabotage our country. I imagine our fossil fuel oligarchs would never want to see a product like that enter the US marketplace.

Alex Jones Defamation Trial: The Moment Jones Finds Out His Lawyers Sent All His Texts and Emails to the Plaintiffs’ Lawyers

153FFL (GOP Delenda Est)
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re: #49 Charles Johnson Didn't Jones say that he is bringing in hundreds of millions a year? $2 million is a drop in the bucket since I doubt his operation is that expensive to run. Another lie. And I'd be ...

WATCH LIVE: President Biden Announces US Operation Has Killed Top Al Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri

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re: #76 Backwoods_Sleuth Reading, looking at those beautiful photos and bawling. It's really sad that we are losing the actors and actresses from the original Star Trek series. That show made such a huge impact on our culture. Glad to ...