This Week’s Impeachment Schedule: Trump’s Turn in the Barrel

23Dread Pirate
21 seconds ago
Justice Department inspector general to testify on investigation into alleged FISA abuses - Axios — Claude Taylor (@TrueFactsStated) November 18, 2019 Maybe @gop should stop giving FISA court judges probable cause to believe they’re acting as agents of a ...

Bad days ahead for Donald Trump… And that’s not all. We have a late entry… Gordon Sondland will be interesting because he’ll be trying to avoid a perjury charge after blatantly lying to defend Trump in his first appearance.

Colbert: Republicans Cite Insane Debunked Conspiracy Theories During Bill Taylor Testimony [VIDEO]

388Hecuba's daughter
3 days, 23 hours ago
re: #379 The Pie Overlord! You can also remind them that was the name of the pro-Nazi American group that opposed our involvement in WWII (before Pearl Harbor). IIRC, one of the early Bill Kristol attacks against Trump was that ...